Finally got to try some Churros from @thechurrostop and they were delish.  Felt like I was back living in Spain . . . 


-Ang Neufeld



I liked the crunchiness of the churros, and they have been golden brown on the outside. I’m not generally a fan of Bavarian Creme, but Churro Stop has created a really good one. It is smooth and sweet without being cloying and thick like so many doughnut shop ones are. The dulce De leche has a nice caramel texture and taste and again manages to be sweet without overwhelming the taste of the Churro. 





The Churro Stop

Our Story   

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The concept of The Churro Stop is to bring an old Spanish treat, a staple all through Spanish speaking countries, to North America, where it is growing in popularity.   We are excited to provide the fusion between countries that Canadians and especially Winnipeggers love so much. We are going to bring this snack food staple and meld it with local flavours as well as the classic Spanish ones by way of the sauces and fillings we are going to use.  The Churro will very quickly become the favorite treat of Winnipeggers and be a comfort food to visitors and travellers who will have had it in a variety of different Spanish speaking countries.  

What our customers are saying...

The Churro Stop in Winnipeg

Our churros are hand made using an authentic family recipe. The dough is handcrafted and made fresh to order. Our churrera (churro-forming machine) is hand-driven and every churro is hand-cut, making each individual churro unique with the churro-maker's personal style.  You won't find any frozen churros or churro mix powder here.  All fresh, all the time. 

Since our first year on the streets in Winnipeg in 2015, the hype for The Churro Stop churros has grown and grown.  Since we opened we have taken awards at Winnipeg's food truck wars Manyfest twice and also won Fan Favorite at the Brandon Food Truck wars in 2017!  

The churro has very quickly become the favorite treat of Winnipeggers and the hype is already huge.  We have been listed in the Travel Manitoba top 10 food trucks this year and have had many good reviews by customers and critics alike.