Make your next corporate or private event unique and memorable by having authentic churros and empanadas there.  Your guests will leave with smiles on their faces and something to talk about.

Churros and Ice Cream

Each portion includes 2 churros, topped with 2 scoops of ice cream, sauce and toppings, customized by our servers for each guest

50 portions - $572

75 portions - $760.50

Jars of chimichurri ( a traditional Argentinian finishing sauce) $7.50

We charge 15% gratuity and both taxes on listed prices

Our fantastic staff will arrive with our professionally branded tent, set up and serve churros for up to 2 hours.  Prices includes 2 servers, set up and tear down, your choice of up to 2 sauces and 3 toppings to have available for your guests and delivery within the perimeter of Winnipeg.

Each portion includes 2 churros, topped with sauce and toppings customized by our servers for each guest. 

50 portions - $477

75 portions - $608



Empanadas come on platters, hot and ready to serve.

Prices include delivery at your required time anywhere within Winnipeg perimeter limits

You can choose from a variety of empanadas including



Spinach & Ricotta (vegetarian)

3 cheese & Onion (vegetarian)

Squash & Corn (vegan)

If you would like one of our staff members there at your serving table, explaining empanadas and serving them to your guests, that is also available for $150 for up to 1 hour of service.

Platter of

50 empanadas - $200

100 empanadas - $330

150 empanadas - $450

* * * * * * * *

Additional fees may apply for set up and/or delivery outside perimeter

The Churro Stop

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